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reasons to let me cuddle you:

  • I will stick my cold hands all over your body
  • I’ll probably fall asleep on you and make cute sleep noises
  • I can lay there long enough for the second coming of christ
  • nuzzling???
  • I will be smiling the whole time
  • you’re warm and I’m not
  • let me leech your heat
  • please


You’re either going to think I’m weird as fuck or you’re going to realize I am kidding 90% of the time.


oblivion. by Carola Photography ∞ on Flickr.


I still remember when we took this picture. To look back to that moment at our graduation, to say “hey remember when we just sat there and it felt like the world wanted to show us how beautiful it can be?”. And now it has almost 100k, I never expected this.

How could you not hear the size of the planet I whispered into your heart? I was so much louder back then.
Anis Mojgani (via desperateyoungreacher)

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Beyond the trees // amerzzw


Crowded highway by indy2kro on Flickr.

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